Welcome to ALBAIK®

Started in 1974 by the late Shakkour AbuGhazalah in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, ALBAIK® is the result of our founder’s long-term dream to own a successful restaurant business that is built on the pursuit of excellence. Following his years of working behind the counter, cooking, and serving his customers, we are now proud to carry on the ALBAIK® legacy, and proud to have developed a quality concept that has grown to serve and please hundreds of millions of customers over the years.

Throughout the years, however, we have never allowed ourselves to become complacent or to stray from our basic recipe for success. Our drive to succeed has been matched only by our relentless hard work and our willingness to face all the challenges of building a successful organization that has a deep sense of commitment towards its society, customers, and team members.

We are pleased to say that our customers and team members are exceedingly loyal, and that we continue to create new satisfied customers every day.

Welcome to the world of ALBAIK®

I. S. AbuGhazalah